Joho has now vacated his Nyali Residence amidst security drama

Joho has been in the limelight this past days due to his direct utterances towards the President that saw his security detail withdrawn. The Deputy ODM chairman and Mombasa Governor, has been vocal and sworn to not accept government security. He is reported to have vacated his residence, and a new occupant already in.

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Tough speaking, Governor 001 – Joho rejects security detail assigned to him from the government

– Joho has today rejected the new security detail assigned to him by the government – He however had said that he did not require government security – The Governor’s security, said to be over 35, as mentioned by Hassan Omar, had been recalled causing uproar among the Opposition Politicians and his followers Governor 001 has been on the news after he ...

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See How Cristiano Ronaldo, the world’s highest-paid sports star, spends his millions

Cristiano Ronaldo is now the highest paid athlete of any sport. With a Real Madrid salary in the tens of millions and some of the biggest endorsement deals in football, he has a ludicrous amount of cash to burn. Find out how he earns his money and what he spends all that cash on below. Ronaldo earned $88 million (£61 million) ...

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Strict Alliance High School make Bonny Khalwale inspect his son’s belongings on admission (See Photos)

Bonny Khalwale’s son scored a total of 400 marks in the 2016 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE). Engine Khalwale has now joined Alliance High School. Bonny Khalwale seems to be one of those strict parents who don’t pamper their kids. Unlike other politicians’ kids who study in expensive private schools, Bonny’s son was a pupil at Malinya primary school ...

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