Wentangula will be the biggest loser in NASA

NASA has brought issues in disunity especially between Wentangula and Mudavadi, the two Luhya leaders.

Wetangula has affirmed that he is the right candidate to run for the presidency come 2017.

The news about a powerful and unstoppable political vehicle dubbed The National Super Alliance (NASA) might sound good for Kenyans who are tired of the Jubilee adminstration but not for Wetangula.

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Wentangula will be the biggest loser in NASA with MDVD chosen as Luhya spokeman, and him showing possible chances of being the flag bearer.

The senator has a lot to say on behalf of the Western region because he is the strongest leader in the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (Cord).

Introducing Amani National Coalition (ANC) leader in the equation will, however, reduce his value immensely.

To make things more difficult on his part, Wetangula will have three leaders to battle it out before he can be granted the ticket to run for president.

It will be very difficult for him to beat Raila-ODM, Kalonzo-Wiper, Mudavadi-ANC.

The entry of Mudavadi marks the end of Wetangula’s presidential bid.

If Wetangula still has the desire to lead this nation in 2017, he has to ensure that Mudavadi is not part of the  team.



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